Confused -Do I resign and stay at home or keep working? Advice needed from SAHM am I crazy wanting to be home with my kids?


Missy - posted on 05/26/2013




No you are not crazy. Teenagers have a lot of insecurities and need nurturing too even though they are more self sufficient. In a few years they will be gone so its nice you want to spend more time with them. Teens can be hard to live with at times but if you spend lots of time with them, take interest in their activities, and support them you will get along better. However, you can't hover over them either. They are gaining more independence and need to learn to make decisions on their own. I don't ever think it's wrong to want to be there more but you need to make sure it's going to make a difference. If your teen goes to school all day, comes home and goes to work or to hang out with friends it might really not matter so much if you're working. If they are home every evening or involved in activities they need rides to practices for then it would make more sense. Make sure you can afford it. The older they get the more expensive! There's glasses, braces, cell phones, car insurance, gas, college expenses, sports or activity fees, clothing, yearbooks, graduation and prom expenses, etc that never seem to end! I was a SAHM but was forced to return to work due to all the expenses but I mostly work part-time.


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User - posted on 05/26/2013




So glad someone asked this question as I plan to resign 1 June any advise would be great

Jodi - posted on 05/13/2013




Well, you've asked this question in a community of Moms of Teenagers, so your kids wouldn't exactly be at home if they are teenagers.......

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