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I am looking for examples of what types of consequences parents give their 15 year old kids and what they did to deserve it. I have a 15 year old boy who should probably never leave the house. It seems as soon as he gets 'out there' he gets into all sorts of trouble. At school, or in the general public..doesn't matter. He is trouble. I am also interested in knowing how many kids actually take their punishments without too much of an argument.


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I recommend manual labor, and not allowing him to go out and do things if he misbehaves. Grounding my kids in general doesn't work, but making them scrub out the trash cans or the toilet works wonders. Of course, they have regular chores, but these extra chores are things they really don't want to do. And if they don't do a good job they have to keep trying until they get it right. You have to be really specific on what the end result is supposed to be though.
If my daughter does something that she knows she wasn't supposed to do, then she usually takes it in stride, but if not then there is always an argument. If she argues then we add more things to the punishment list until she stops complaining and gets to it. I never let her get me into a conversation about why the punishment isn't fair, or trying to negotiate. That just leads to longer and more annoying arguments.
Just some suggestions. Good luck. And keep in mind that this too shall pass :)

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