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Michelle - posted on 09/25/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have 1 child and she recently turned 18. She is a senior in high school and does very well in school. She works part time in retail and does very well at that too. She's active in school activities...captain of the dance team and involved in theater. My daughter has never really been one to go "out" as she has had a boyfriend but they recently broke up and now my daughter is going out often. Her curfew has been 12 but now that she's 18 she's trying to stay out later. I don't like it! Lol! I can't go to sleep until she's home and my back is seriously hurting from laying on the couch until she's home. My daughter is good kid - should I trust that she will be fine and let her stay out later or should I stick to the midnight curfew? What have some of you done curfew wise once your kids turned 18? I can make my own parenting decisions, I was just wondering what some others have done.


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Snowangel97 - posted on 09/27/2016




Oh teenagers- aren't they fun?! For both my son when he was at home, and my sisters and I when we were younger, we had curfews as long as we lived at home and were in school. It's not unreasonable to have a weekday curfew and a weekend curfew. My son had to be home by 11 on weekdays and 1 on weekends, unless there was a specific reason and it was prearranged. Explain to her about how you worry, that she needs sleep because of the fact that she's still in school and is a very busy girl! Maybe having that chat will help her to see why it's needed and both of you can get some sleep!

Therese - posted on 09/26/2016




You sound like my Dad when I was growing up and I was in University at the time and he was still waiting up! (My mum would joke and tell him she wasn't losing her "beauty sleep" for me :) I was the last-girl too)

The reality is that your daughter is a young adult and as such she needs to be allowed more "freedom". Naturally, she still needs to respect your rules once she's living in your home and these should be discussed as a priority.

Perhaps you could let her know that if she's planning to stay out past midnight or to sleep by a girlfriend, that she could call and let you know.

It's difficult I know, but once there is open communication and respect, it will work out.

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