Daughter, 14, lying about having taken her antidepession meds

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Daughter, 14 yr old, put on antidepressive med due to self cutting and depression 3 1/2 months ago. There have been a few times when I have given her meds and days later find the pill in her bed! She lies and says she took the meds and then when I confront her about that she says she laid pill down and forgot to take it. Then she will say she doesn't want to take meds anymore. I now make her take med in front of me and lift up her tongue and let me look in her mouth to make sure she has taken the meds Issue is her lying about any and everything because she says she doesn't want to hear me yell at her if she tells me the truth. She knows she is not right with what she is doing..wants me to stop treating her like a child....and I tell her to stop acting like a 3 year old! Any other Moms out here that have had child lie about taking their meds?


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shawnn it doesn't matter if sherri is the mother or not some children doesn't matter how old they are, they just get it in their head and totally refuse to take their medication they don't want to be different which you can understand but if I let my daughter do as she wishes I would hate to be around when she lets fly. My daughter has a mouth on her whether she is on meds or not but acts more rational when she takes her meds and keeps a good routine. You can't go checking this girl's mouth all the time she needs to be spoken to by a doctor or someone that she may listen to. Yes she is the mother but that is the last thing on these kids minds at the time,

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You are the parent. Quit giving her the med and allowing her to leave the room without swallowing it. Check her mouth after she says she's taken it to be sure.

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My 15year old girl hates taking her antidepressants she sais that they make her sleepy and that she doesn't function properly, I realise that these may make her a little tired but the fact is that she has Aspergers, she tells stories and lies and throws tantrums, so without this medication I can only imagine what she would be like. I don't have to check like you to see if she takes her medication so I can imagine how hard that must be. Yet my daughter (foster daughter) can also act and carry on like a three year old as well so yes its not easy. I do hope for your sake that things get easier all you can do is explain the benifits of taking the tablets and how they work on the brain pattern, here n OZ I live from day to day never quite knowing what tomorrow is going to bring and being an older mum doesn't help one bit as all my other children have grown up and left the nest and don't have any time for her even though she has been with my husbnd and I since she was born. I don't know about you but I need friends bad, someone on the same page as me.

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