Daughter won't hug mom

Jon - posted on 06/09/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My wife is very upset because my 13 YO daughter won't let my wife hug her and she doesn't want my wife to chaperone events. She is very hurt by it which has left my DD also very upset. What is best way to deal and relieve stress in the household?


Krystlescreations - posted on 03/20/2015




I found hugging certain people to be awkward. Unless you're in my 'close' circle, I won't hug you. It just feels awkward and weird.

Sharon - posted on 06/15/2011




I have had three teenagers and it is just a normal phase they go through at that age so I agree with Tamara, not to let them take it personally and yes, they do grow out of it. It is growing pains for both of them, one growing up and the other having to let go. Tell your wife she is definitely not alone in this area and try to keep the lines of communication open with your daughter.


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Miranda - posted on 11/22/2014




If you are still there, it's now 2014 and I would love to know how the mother and daughter are working out. I now have a 14 year old, my eldest who is the same way.

Rachel - posted on 06/16/2011




I'm right there in the same boat too, but like all the other repliers said, it's basically just a phase teenagers go through. I was the same exact way at that age, but I grew out of it. As long as your wife continues to show her love and affection in other ways, and keep a smile on her face, your daughter will know that she's loved.

Tamara - posted on 06/12/2011




What I had to do is learn to not take it personally, they are people and want their space. I do still sometimes take it personally however I don't let the boys know that I do, I smile and say ok.instead of breaking down infront of them, also have a heart to heart with them when all is calm doing it when they are upset will do nothing but make it worse. and above all don't take sides, it just makes it seem like you dont care about the other (I know you do but to them they wont feel that way)

To relieve the stress, maybe doing family dinners, going on little family outings do something fun, your daughter will probably not want to do it just tell her she has to go sometimes getting to a natural place helps.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/09/2011




Like most 13 year olds, their parents embarrass them...My oldest was the same for a bit, but they do grow out of it.

I'm thinking this may be your first kid? Its toughest with the first one. My younger one is 13 right now, and he doesn't have the same deal going, but he's completely opposite of his brother at the same age. Brother didn't want me to even show my face at school.

As with most teen stuff, this too shall pass. I doesn't make it easier on either parent tho. Give her time. When she sees that you aren't out to embarrass her, she'll come around

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