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So what am I to do here? Probably nothing. Here is the situation, my 19 year old daughter has been dating her 24 year old boyfriend for 21/2 years. He is just ok. I really don't see a future with this guyfor her. We moved recently right next door to a boy who is my daughters age. Recently we noticed that my daughter was not hanging our with her current boyfriend much. We tried to ask her about it and she would not really say anything. Long story short she and him were on a "break". While on this break she has been hanging out with new boy (neighbor). They basically have been fighting over her. She has decided to give the old boyfriend a second chance. I think she is making a HUGE mistake. Her father, myself and her siblings all think she should at least give the new guy a chance. Even if he is not the one, we don't want her ending up with old boyfriend. Lazy with no future to offer her. Should we all just keep out of it? I feel so bad for our neighbor, he really likes her. Why do I feel so bad? Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Time to stay out of it. she's an adult. If she wants to give the ex a second chance, its her choice entirely. Perhaps she's doing it to get to you, knowing that you don't like the ex, but love the new neighbor.

Parents need to back out of their adult children's relationships. The more you meddle, the less you're going to like the results.

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