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Natasha - posted on 04/21/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi my daughter is 13 and her moods are bad when she on her period. Also all she does is lie in bed when not at school. Her friends don't live near by so she doesn't go out much but makes me feel bad when I go work. Her dad not in her life as he as a new family. I try and spoil her to make her happy but now that not good enough or she wants more. I give her love and attention but feel that not enough either :-(


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This, for some teens, is normal. All we can really do is grit our teeth and try and get through it..
Some things that help are Advil, heat pads, and also raspberry leaf tea. It is made for calming stomach area and period cramps :) hope this helps a bit. And coming from expirience, it sucks having bad cramps, and its understandable that she doesnt want to move.
So.. for the moods, just grit your teeth. For the cramps, heat works best and lots of rest.
Hope this helps :)

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