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Brittney - posted on 02/07/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I broke up with my fiancé of seven years when our son was 2. I couldn't handle the constant emotional abuse, control, and manipulation. Not to mention the constant pressure he put me through to have more kids (before our son was even 6 weeks!), and failure to help me out while I attended six college classes, worked to jobs, and took care of our son. It has been a year since our split and I agreed to a shared custody agreement, because he wanted to fight for lower child support. I am constantly dealing with my son, who once preferred me and wouldn't even let his father hold him, now telling me he hates me (he is 3 now, yes, 3), crying because "mommy is stealing daddy's money," not wanting to go to daycare because his father has to pay for it, and crying when he gets dropped off at my house. When I have our son and it is just us, he is his usual sweet little boy, very caring and affectionate. It is the first night back from his father's that I have to deal with this behavior, which I usually just console him with "you'll see your daddy in a few days," and "it's okay honey, I still love you" I have disengaged and ceased contact unless directly related to our son, but I continually get the drunken outrage texts and belittlement from his father. Not sure how to emotionally handle all of this, and it is tearing my heart out knowing my son is being a victim of his father's manipulations to get under my skin. Any suggestions on managing this amount of stress and emotional rollercoaster would be greatly appreciated!

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