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My 16 year old was just accused of stealing out of the locker room at school, which happened on a Friday and I wasn't notified until Tuesday. He disrupted the school to prove his innocence and was asked to leave by the officer. On his way home he stopped and actually took an IPOD from the counter of a facility. Later the police came to my house and he willingly gave it to them.. I grounded him for a month, then he asked if he could stay the night at a friends house and when I told him no he decided to leave the house. How should I handle him???


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Toni - posted on 04/11/2011




Well, if he wants to be a man, I guess it's time to treat him like a man. Tell him he has 1 month to find a job to help pay bills around the house and buy the things that he feel he needs so badly that he has to steal. Tell him "if you want something, then be a man get a job and BUY it" Don't be a punk and steal. If he doesn't follow your rules, well then I guess he has got to move out. Oh, they think they are men, and they will say "fine I will move out" but friends will only house them for so long. Do you have a strong male figure, preferably family who can talk to him? and if necessary put the fear of god into him? If so, I would give that a try also. Stay strong and good luck.

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Thanks Louise the thing is I don't do the cell phone thing unless they can afford to pay the bill for it. And as far as an open line of communication he is very open he tells me everything. but he's "bucking" with me about being on punishment. I told all my kids stay kids as long as you can... but he wants and feels he's grown...

Louise - posted on 04/03/2011




Oh heck you are in trouble! At 16 there is very little you can do as you can see they are to big to send to there room as they just do as they please. What you can do is remove his phone, computer tv because they are things you paid for. When he can act like an adult and respect you he can have them back. Two days without a phone is a killer for a teenager! Sit him down and ask him why he is stealing it might just be a cry for help. you really need to open up the lines of communication with your son it is so important that he can talk to you about any thing.

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