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howould you get a 14 year old girl to open up and share thoughts of depression and suicide without damaging the relationship


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Rebecca - posted on 05/21/2012




Is she saying she is depressed and suicidal or talking about a friend being this way? This could be a tough one unless you can also relate to her. I also suffer from depression and have all my life. If it is something she is going thru (life event) you may be able to talk to her about the "teen years" and tell her they are not easy and you have been thru them also and maybe share a story about what you have gone thru and that it will pass. Help her find a possible solution. Depression/mental illness runs in my family. I have issues with my soon to be 13 year old and have even asked him if he feels he needs to talk to someone (counselor) as he will not open up to me. Sometimes its easier for kids to talk to other people (professionals) than it is us. I know my own mother does not understand why i'm depressed and on meds even though I have explained it to her time and time again (i'm 44 and adopted).

Pamela J - posted on 05/17/2012




Speak to her with your heart. Say "I love you so much, you are such a gift! You are my jewel; my diamond. Just hold her and say 'I am listening. " Look at her face as if you are looking at the most brilliant diamond in the world!

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