Do you buy or give money for back to school clothes?

Marielba - posted on 08/13/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my daughter is 16, will be 17 next month. Over the last few months she was working for a family as a babysitter and was earning anywhere from 50 -100 dollars a week, depending on how many hours she worked. She managed to save about $500, of which she has used some here and there for things she wants and gas for her car. Which we pay insurance on. Now she is babysitting and will be for the rest of August, earning $120 a week. She is estimating she will have another $350 to $400 by the end of the summer and wants to go shopping for school. My question is when your teenagers have a job, do you still give them money for back to school clothes or do they pay for it on their own. I kind of feel like its still my responsibility, but then how does she learn responsibility and what do I make her use her own money for?

And also starting in September, she will be making $340 a month, from which I have asked her to give $100 toward her car insurance.


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Ellie Richardson - posted on 08/15/2012




I would have a sit down and help her figure out how to budget her money and if she still needs a little help with school clothes then definetly help out. Its a great idea to teach money management early on skills.Kudos

Jodee - posted on 08/15/2012




I have 2 girls and one small income of my own. The girls are 18 and 12. The oldest saved money over the summer and other then school supplies i.e. new backpack, paper, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, etc... She will be buying most of her stuff herself. If she wants to spend $100 on a pair of shoes, she will be wearing really expensive shoes with her clothes she already has in her closet.
I do agree that she should be helping pay for her car insurance. My daughter does that and also pays for her cell phone.
It's all about teaching them responsibility in my opinion.

Sam - posted on 08/13/2012




You need to do whatever you are comfortable with. For school clothes, I think paying half is reasonable since she is still in school. If there is something that she really wants but the price tag is a little high, then let her pay for it. It is a quick lesson in easy come, easy go.

My 14 YO babysat this summer and is saving up for a trip down south. I told her that if she wanted to go, she has to pay for half of the trip; she has succeed and even purchased herself a travel bag that she had been oggling in the store window for 4 months now LOL.

I think it is a great idea that you are going to have her pay $100 toward insurance. It will teach her how to handle money and the responsibilities of such. I would even add to that and have her give you or put in a bank account $40.00 a month too, to show her how to save and budget.

Just my two cents worth :)

Good luck:)

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