Do Your Teens Show an Interest in Anything?

Reena - posted on 04/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Do your teens show an interest in anything? My SD (nearly 16) has good grades at school. She is scoffing at taking AP classes next year, her junior year. DH and I think she can handle it as do her teachers. We are trying to talk to her about what she needs to do to have a shot at colleges she has said she is interested in—private, more expensive colleges that are way beyond our ability to pay for.

We send her links about college, scholarship sources—we’ve also talked to her a bit about looking for a summer job and sent her links of places in our area that list them. Everything goes into a big void of “teenager.” All she does is the basic of what she has to do to get by with her courses. She is going to need to get merit scholarships to afford a private college—unless she wants to spend her life in debt for student loans and we don’t want to see that happen either.

My SS is 14 and like most 14-year old boys, all he cares about X-box and doing or acting like he cares about whatever DH throws at him so he can get back to his X-box (LOL) at least he makes the effort.

DH has sole custody of the kids—long story there. The sole custody thing happened about a year ago and since then, the kids have not really seen their mom or heard from her—and yes they are in counseling. We are mostly worried about SD—we don’t want her to lose sight of what her future can be.

Everything is all sourpuss and I don't want to talk about it. We know part of it is the age, but it is hard to tell how much is the age and how much is the circumstances of the past year.



Ramona - posted on 04/24/2012




When the schools have visit days, go, it might motivate her some. AP and Honors classes are good, but can be a lot of work. Colleges are looking for a lot more than good grades now, they want other things as well. My dd will be attending a small private school in the fall, she did get a fantastic scholarship, but they want volunteer time, clubs, scouts, sports and such.

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