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Help! My husband and I fight because he is the good dad and I'm the bad mom! To a point I want move out. We have three kids together been married almost 15 years in October. My daughter is 15 she hates me,we can talk to one another we start yelling, are two sons are 13 and 7 my 13 year old not that bad and my 7 year old well I'm still His mommy . My husband give the kids what they want and don't ask questions. I'm the mom that is like. Do your homework .do your chores. Don't do that. U no better. That's not were it goes. Hell may time I have to ask or tell u.. It's time to come in and eat dinner. Or no I don't have money for that right now. I do everything yes my husband works and pays the bills but I work to. I feel alone I'm sleeping on the couch.


Alisha - posted on 04/26/2014




Often the parent who is the disciplinarian feels like the 'bad' parent. Your children will respect you for it when they grow up. Also, as a side note, try not to be too hard on your children. When you can, spend some time having fun with them. My mom always told me "If it won't matter to you in ten years, don't make it a priority." Yes, homework and manners and other such things will matter. Will it matter if they remember to replace the toilet paper? Nah. Pick your battles, try to have a good time with your children so they get to see your other side, and tell your husband to buck up and be a parent instead of a friend. Good luck hun.

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