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My girls (16 and 20 yrs) still go to bed at 7 pm because they have to do physio therapy. Who else has an early bedtima for their teens?


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You posted this a couple of months ago.

No one else that responded said that they have early bedtimes.

As a matter of fact, most of us told you that our teens if faced with a "forced" bedtime would laugh in our faces because they aren't 6 years old anymore.

If your daughters feel that they need the extra rest for therapy, then more power to them. If you are still arbitrarily setting your teen and adult children's bedtimes, then I have to say that, in my opinion, you are way too controlling.

For example, what happens when your 20 YO moves out? And she decides that your 7 pm time is BS because she's an adult, and can set her own limits? Will you then go to her apartment and force her into bed? Just curious.

Just for comparison: My 18 yo will go to bed when he's ready. Why? Because he's an adult, and I'll be damned if I'm going to say "sonny, remember, you have to work in the morning" or whatever, because he's an adult, for one, and he knows how much sleep he needs to be able to function. If he's got an early shift, he goes to bed early. If not, he's likely to stay up all night, but again, he knows what his body needs.

My 15 yo knows what his body needs as far as rest goes as well. Now, him I do prompt, but only if he's lollygagging on a school night. During the summer and on the weekends, he sets his own bedtime, because he's old enough to know how much sleep he needs.

I had to be up by 4 am every morning when I was in HS and shortly after...and my mother expected me to know my body's needs and take care of it myself. She would have been told politely to take a flying leap and leave me alone had she ever tried to force me into bed at 7 pm when I was 16.

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