Family fighting

Melissa - posted on 07/11/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm a single mother of three children and their father doesn't allow doesn't step in to do anything to help anything he says it is rules are he doesn't follow anything once they're in my home that he doesn't step in for anything and all we did was fight and my kids have no respect for each other or myself


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Rebecca - posted on 07/14/2016




Sorry you and your kids are having a hard time. My kids have a hard time going back and forth between my house and their dad's sometimes. I realized that I can't change how he acts toward the kids, but I just need to shower my kids with as much love and time and care as I can. I found that they get along better and seem more content when I am calm with them. I also found a lot of help at a single moms support group at church. It's a tough job. Hang in there!

Gardensparrow - posted on 07/12/2016




It's not easy when you don't feel your children are getting the parenting they need in your ex's home. But have you been able to sit down and talk to him about this? Is he at all receptive to working with you? If not, maybe you need to also sit down with your kids and give them some guidance on how to behave-even when they're not around you. Of course, I know it's hard to enforce this when they're at their dads. So, maybe some of the suggestions in this article ( will help? Just FYI...

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