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Jackie - posted on 08/07/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 13 year old daughter, who is super mouthy and obnoxious and is going through her I- am- going- to- challenge- you- every- chance- i- get- and- push- my- limits- as- far- as- I- can- get- away- with phase. I have a 19 yr old daughter as well so this is not my first walk in the park with headstrong teenage girls, I honestly do not know how I survived her emotionally it was awful. I was also pregnant so that made things worse. Anyway, she is a fiery red head with a temper and she likes to annoy people for fun like her dad i think. So, yesterday she was doing her best to get on my nerves. Also she seems to act more when she invites her friends over I am not sure why. When I was a kid I would never dream of doing that, getting yelled at in front of your parents=not cool. So lately we have been having disagreements about her participation in band. Recently her trumpet has been paid off and now she declares she is quitting because she doesn't like one of the instructors. Now, I have always told my children that they need to participate in at least 1 extra curricular I don't care what just pick one. It's good for them for all sorts of reasons. So we have been going around with that for a couple days. Last night she throws her tantrum threatening to run away packing her bags, etc. just making a huge deal. I told her to get to her room. She was defiant which is something she hasn't ever been before, locking herself in the bathroom, screaming. Just insane. Also her Aunt Flow is visiting I always notice she acts like this around that time of the month. Maybe is come kind of PMDD? She also has excruciating cramps. Idk, I guess I just came her to vent, any other moms going through this crap?

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