found pot in my 13yr Olds room

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Just Found Pot In My Sons Room. I'm Freaking Out! He Is Way To Young. When I Confronted Him He Acted Like It Was No Big Deal. I Bought Drug Test, But Not Sure What Else To Do. I'm Afraid To Tell His Father Because He His Always Telling Me He Will Take Me To Court For Full Custody. He Is A Good Student And Very Active In Sports. We Have A Very Open Relationship. We Are Very Close. I ThinkThat IsWhyI'm More Hurt Then Mad. Any Advise Or Comforting Words Would Be Greatly Appreciated!


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A couple of things to think about:
1. 13 too young? Yes....but do not use that argument with your teen. What you ideally need him to know is that at any age marijuana is illegal.

2. There needs to be a consequence. Grounding...something. Don't just poo-poo it. It isn't cute, it isn't "just weed" ... It can progress to something worse. I know this as 2 of my stepchildren have fallen prey to drugs. It started with marijuana in high school.

3. Instead of being "hurt" ... You need to be indignant that your son was disrespectful enough to bring it into your home. It IS your home. He just gets to live there right now and you need to remind your son of that fact.

4. Lastly...your EX. Do not let HIM bully you into making unwise parenting choices. The father needs to know. Otherwise your son will sneak and do the same at his dads house...and since the dad is unaware he has no reason to be looking for anything to be amiss. You & you ex need to be on the same page with this. Do not let your ex bluster and blow smoke with threats of full custody. Seriously? No judge will take away custody just because your 13 year old brought marijuana into his mothers home.
Now, if you are smoking it with your son.,.well, that's a different story.

Bottom line: punish yor son and tell his dad. Good luck!

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