Greedy and Snotty Teenager!! What Happened?!

Chele - posted on 06/18/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband has a 14 year old daughter from his first marriage. She is extremely hateful to him, but not to the rest of us. She comes around when she wants money or something her Mom won't buy and constantly argues that we don't pay her Mom enough child support. She gets $1100 a month for 2 kids and we pay for all of their insurance and other necessities. We split sports/activities/events and even clothes. They live in the home of a friend, for free, has a free vehicle and just bought one and states her entire paycheck goes to the kids. Their son is never involved in the fighting, but the daughter states we owe her Mom more and if we were good Christian people we would do so. When we told her we were all on the same side she said, "No, there are sides and I side with my Mom because you don't give her enough money to care for us!" She's horrible and her Mom lets her listen in on convos that she and my husband have. She says that she needs our daughter to know how her Dad really is.

Any advice???? We don't argue back, we aren't paying for anything extra (fun stuff) and we are at a loss.


Kelly - posted on 06/21/2014




Conversation might not need to be done over the phone where the child can hear . Maybe you can help that child find a job were she can have her own money .

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