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My DS (7) is out of control I don't know what to do with him he has ADHD which he has to take medication for, but he refuses to take it. He was excluded from school 3 weeks before he was due to break up for the 6 weeks holiday. He exclusion was suppose to be for a week, 3 days after he was excluded I received a parcel in the post which contained all his stuff from school inside, and also a letter saying that they have changed his exclusion to permanent, I called the headmaster and he said that he can point me in the right direction if schools that will be more appropriate for him which he hasn't done. I don't know what to do from here, do I send him to another mainstream school or find him a school for children with behavioural problems

He's my child I love him but I do not like him as horrible as it may sound, he swears at me, this morning he called me a b**ch and a w**re because I wouldn't let him have ice-cream for breakfast, he has never hit me but he picks up objects such as brooms, sticks, sharp objects and says he is going to kill me. I don't like taking him places because something always happens, I can't let him play outside with the other children who live round here because I always have their parents knocking on my door to say that my DS has done something.

I am not with his father I let him see him anytime that he wants, every time I let my EX have him for the day, overnight or for the weekend my DS comes back worst because he is allowed to do whatever he wants to with his father I have told him about his behaviour at home and at school and his replies are always 'they/you must be doing something to him, tell them not to mess with him then' and also I don't like him staying with his father overnight, a few weeks ago my DS come back from spending the weekend with him and told me that his father had left him with a girl when I asked who, my DS said he didn't know her, when I rung and asked him I was told that it was none of my business, and not to mention the time when my DS returned home to me with a broken arm which happened whilst climbing. I've had enough it has come to a stage where I don't want my DS spending time with him because it is just not doing him any good.


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Enna - posted on 08/07/2013




Did you mean to say 7? This is a Teenagers group.
Anyway, my mom had A LOT of the same problems with my brother that you're having. Take him to a PsychD and have them check him for ODD, etc. Get him into counseling. You may find out more information about what's going on there. And I would limit when Dad can see him. Putting him into an alternative school may be the best thing for him.

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First off I would have him checked out, he may have more then Adhd. I am not saying that to be mean at all. But with his out burst I would make an appointment with my child's doctor let them know everything and take the next steps. We started the process with my DD. She never wanted her meds, she was not as violent just yelled hollered, she was very angry. I was at a lost she was a few years older. I however would question the visits but I would def, talk to my doctor. It sounds like more than ADHD, as it was in my daughters case. Good luck.

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First of all, if he's 7, why are you letting HIM dictate whether or not he wants his meds?

You are the parent. He is the KID. Be the parent. If he won't take his meds, he doesn't really have a damn choice at this point, because he is not the adult in the situation.

Get the meds down him, even if you have to restrain and sit on him to do so, and then you will possibly find that the rest corrects itself with a little help from you.

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