hello all, I'm new here. I have a 20 year old daughter that is verbally abusive, she asks for favors but nevr returns any. she goes to university and thinks both her parents are stupid. she doesn't lift one finger of chores, criticizes the fridge contents but doesn't offer to buy any food. she has a boyfrien. he's pretty decent but we have asked them a few times now to watch their body language and close proximity out of respect for us as parents and her 2 younger siblings. she answers back, has an excuse for everything you tell her and always try to say she doesn't eat or wasn't here so why should she help out?? we don't ask for rent and she comes and goes as she pleases. we would like her to leave since she doesn't communicate or associate with the family most of the time. not sure what to do?


Lakota - posted on 01/09/2013




Hi, Allison. I would tell her to leave and give her a couple of weeks to find a place. She has no right to treat her parents that way when you give her so much. Have you told her that you want her to go?

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