Help! Disrespectful son, have I lost control?

Melodie - posted on 08/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 12 year old son seems to be out of my control. I think that its more than just a bad attitude, but I'm not really sure how to tell. He says and does inappropriate things at times that seem intentional. He will do sneaky things behind my back and not tell me the truth about it. And its stupid little things, like eating a treat when I've already said no. Once he emptied the shampoo bottle in the bathroom and then was able to look me in the face and tell me that it wasn't him. Those things seem like not that big of a deal, but it happens a lot. Its the lies that get me. These things happen more when he is tired or cranky. He is fine with telling me that he likes his Dad better and that he wants to go to his Dads house...."honesty is the best policy mom" he says. Its almost that he wants to hurt me as much as possible. I feel like he is intentionally defiant. He also has brothers and a sister and step siblings that look up to him and watch his disrespectful behavior. I'm afraid of what message they are receiving from him. I am at a point where I want to say...lets go to Dads now then Buddy, cause I'm done. But I know that that won't make anything any better, just worse and its not really what I want to do.


Jen - posted on 08/19/2013




I really feel for you. I too have a difficult son but if I could turn the clocks back I would have studied Triple P for teenagers. Look it up ie, local schools, childrens centres, county council etc.

Best of luck

Jen :)

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