HELP!!! My husband and teen daughter don't like each other.

Temeka - posted on 05/24/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello everyone I need a little advice on my husband and teen daughter. I have been married for 14 yrs. and my teen daughter is now 17. My husband came into our lives when she was 31/2 anyway everything was fine between them until 3yrs ago when my daughter was up to my grandmas house and got into trouble for not being in place when I came to pick her up she was riding around with her cousin (not a big problem). She told her grandma she would get in trouble for leaving without permission so my grandma asked her what will happen and do she get hit by me and my husband she said no in the past she use to get spankings from me and when my husband was getting on to her he would hold her collar and fuss at her. So my husband blew it up as if my daughter said he was choking her she tried to explain to him she didn't say that but he didn't want to hear anything more she had to say he told her he was through with her and for her not to call him daddy anymore. I could tell this hurt her but she was strong. So now every thing she does is a problem he acts like a teenage girl that loves drama. Whenever he gets onto her about something he don't want her to explain he just wants a yes sir or no sir. If she say anything different he says she is being grown. I am 100% for my daughter because I am not gonna let her be bullied but I love my husband. But since this has been going on for the past 3yrs my love for my husband has dropped dramatically. My daughter hates being at home now. We have 2 other kids another 17yr old that's his from a previous marriage and a 12 yr old that's ours together and everyone can see the difference in his behavior from the way he treats them. But he says there is no difference he just don't carry conversations with her. My daughter will be be leaving for the air force next year and I am so happy and so is she. Now his daughter that stays with her mother who is now 19 use to talk about me for no reason but simply because she wanted her mom and dad back together. I always treated her like mines so I got upset about this and he wanted me to get over it because that's what kids do when their parents are not together so I forgave her why cant he do the same.


Patricia - posted on 05/25/2014




It sounds like counseling is the best answer for all of you - your husband needs to be a Father to your daughter and not act like a child himself - a good male counselor would be good instead of a woman. Some deep issues like this have to get worse before they can get better. Good luck - at least your daughter has her own plans for life in the Air Force. That is very honorable and please thank her for her service to our Country in advance - Happy Memorial weekend.

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