hi i was raped off my daughters father he went to prison he is now free it was some years ago infact my daughter has no memories of him courts have said he is not allowed to have contact with her whilst a minor shes 14 but before we know it shell be turning 18 and although good as a father i never dreamt he would do it to me what would u do shes already showing inte


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/14/2014




Sydney, stop with your scamming bullshit

Tracey, I'm not sure what your question is. If you allowed him to have paternal access to her whilst in prison, then why would you then rescind that when he gets released? Were you in a relationship with the man prior to the assault?

In all reality, if paternity has been recognized, he may have some legal right to request visitation with her, I'm not sure. And, if she's expressed interest in knowing him, it would be selfish of you to not allow that, unless he's also a registered pedophile...

From the sounds of it, she knows he was in prison, does she know why? Was it for the assault on you, or was it for something else? Did you file charges against him, and request sole custody with no visitation?

Ultimately, you cannot control what actions take place once your daughter is 18, because at that point, she will be legally an adult and can make choices on her own about who to have in her life.

Personally, I would not allow a rapist access to my child, but there also may be circumstances I'm not aware of, such as if that's what he was incarcerated for, or not.

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