Hi Ladies, Are you doing college visits? I'm looking for other moms that have teens applying to college soon.

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I don't have other moms around me that have kids applying to college. I'm curious about the process today. I'd love to hear from moms going through this and anyone that has recent experience. I want to know the real story about applying to the Ivys, how to support your kid through the testing, the application, etc.


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Lonnie - posted on 11/30/2008




I have a son who is a freshman in college and a daughter who is a junior in high school. Make sure your child is involved in some community service, extra curricular activities, a job, etc. prior to their senior year. They will ask for it on the applications and they are looking for kids that are diverse. Senior year class choices count as well. 4 out 5 colleges that my son applied to asked on the application what math and science courses they were taking during their senior year and if they were taking any AP, IB, PSEO etc. Even if it is not required be sure to submit letters of recommendation from a teacher, employer or coach, etc. and a personal statement. My son took the ACT plus writing twice. His counselor told him if he didn't get a 30 or higher take it again. We have found at 30 the grants and scholarships are plentiful. However, he was also told if he planned on applying to Ivy leagues that he would need to take the SAT. He didn't apply to Ivy's so I don't know how true that statement is. Lots of private colleges do have scholarships/grants that can virtually lower the cost to that of a state college. In the end my son chose a state college for a variety of reasons....mostly financial. The last thing I would say is to start applying early!!

Alison - posted on 11/28/2008




i have a son who is a junior in hs and we have been visiting colleges. alot of colleges have money to give away so check into grants and scholarships (which dont get paid back) that are available at the school, ive been looking and it seems that local state college is the cheapest,,its when you go for dorming you add about 15k more to the tuition if you go out of state. there are web sites (i could send you) where you fill out a :generic: college application and most colleges accept this form, must also do sat or act tests; admissions are competitive and junior year GPA is important,

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