How can you encourage your teenager to open up with you with regards to their relationships without seeming like I am prying info on her personal relationship?

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I have a 17 yr old daughter with a new (very 1st) boyfriend, new everything. We are generally close and open with everything- But now it seems she has become a lot more private .

How can I get her to not feel awkward in opening up with me on this matter?


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Sharon - posted on 11/02/2012




Having two girls and even with my son, she may not talk about everything with you. I do think it is important, even though it may be awkward to talk about the uncomfortable stuff such as sex. Not to say that they will engage, but just so your daughter is educated and that she feels confident to say no. Take her to lunch and try to make it like a talk instead of a lecture. Ask her open ended questions and let her know that she can come to you and then listen without being judgemental even though deep inside you may want to jump out of your skin. I tried to give my kids a little privacy with at the same time setting ground rules. I do have to say that there were times that I was just the mom and just directly asked what I wanted to know but most of the time I just let them guide the conversation.

Patricia - posted on 11/02/2012




Hi its patricia, just remind her that you are there for her and never get mad or jump to conclusions...when she does come to you with something its important not to over react but keep the lines of communication open so you can know whats going on when given the chance....shes almost an adult so its a good time to let her learn a few things before she reaches the age of 18. your always going to be mom no matter what age she will turn and in the event things happen in life she most likely come to you for now keep your eyes peeled it will be ok.....

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