How do I Kick my 18 yr old son out


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Teresa - posted on 01/21/2014




Prayer! Wow this must be hard! All I can say is lay down some rules and a timeline about if this doesn't change by this day ( a close date) then you won't be able to live here anymore until you change. This way he knows you mean business and it puts it on him to change, You are not kicking him out then but keeping up an agreement, Then you can be looking for some safe places to help him move to or get help at... maybe a non profit organization that helps with drug abuse and helps with job training.
Awful to have to go through...

Mary - posted on 01/20/2014




Thanks for your response I have tried rehab and even stay in hospital, psychiatrist, out patient drug and alcohol. He is still doing drugs, stealing from us, not working, punching holes in doors at home cursing at us and making home life horrible, we have alarms and locks on bedroom door carmeras around house and still steals. really at my whits end!

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