How do you cope with your child driving?

Alex - posted on 11/12/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




My daughter Anne just got her permit, and she's been begging to go driving. My sister is a big car lover, and I tried to get her to teach her, but no luck. I'm terrified to teach her to drive. I held her from driving, her birthday is January 1st, since her grades were falling, but I can't keep her from it anymore. Help?


Sherry - posted on 11/17/2011




We sent my son to driving school so that helped a lot. After that, we spent a lot of time with him in the car. It is so hard at first to be comfortable with them driving. The best thing is to stay calm when they are driving and don't freak out. It is hard. We had a couple of close calls. Do not take them to busy areas until they have been driving for a few months. There is a great DVD that will be beneficial if she is not going to take a driving class. "Rules of the Road." Before he went for his license, I made sure he had lots of driving time, 3 times more than what is required. Once he got his license, I was totally comfortable letting him drive off on his own. When he has to drive to an area that is particularly hazardous or risky, we drive it together first. When everyone is comfortable with the situation, he can drive the route on his own. Best of luck!

America3437 - posted on 11/16/2011




So far this is by far the scarriest for me!!!!! He is 17 and has his license and I hate it!!! My best advise is..... Jump in the car and go! Be gentle and patient and start on back country roads if you have them and just let her learn. You have to teach them to be smart and to make good choices and to be cautious of other drivers. Oh yeah....Pray!!!!!


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Jane - posted on 02/21/2012




she might surprise you have faith and be privilaged that you have the opportunity to teach your daughter to drive .... to make sure she can learn a skill that she is going to need for the rest of her life. if her grades were falling it might be the reassurance that she needs that you think she can do it .... im sure she is just as scared as you about driving but at that age we dont say ....good luck im sure you both can do it x

Angie - posted on 02/21/2012




Seriously Darla? really think someone medicated is the answer to help someone learn how to drive?? I'm sorry, but some of today's mentality is frustrating....just take a pill so you don't have to deal with something that may be a little tough on you.

Alex - posted on 02/20/2012




Thank you everyone who commented! She has to take at least one driver's class by state law, and that did her some good. I talked my sister into finally doing it, and Anne has been great with it. We also got her into the school program. She will have her intermediates with five more hours! (Still haven't been in a car with her though :p)

Areta - posted on 11/21/2011




We signed up with a driving school but they only do the classroom time with the kids and help them get there permits which she got last Wed. We the parents are the ones that have to do the actual teaching. I was hesitient at first but than I decided I would just let her drive so we started this weekend. The first day I took her out for about an hour started in a empty parking lot and let her drive around so she can get a feel of the car and the learings of how to break car and to see how comfortable she was driving. Than I took her over to our neighborhood for the last so she could drive the local streets minuutes because she felt ready to see how she would be driving with other cars. Yesterday was her 2nd time and I actually let her drive home from my moms. And she did pretty good? My suggestion is start out slow with her. I thought I would be a nervous wreck but it actually has not been that bad. We have months until she can get her license so we are just taking it one day at a time. Alex just do it. She may be a better driver than you thought. I was terrified when my daughter got behind the wheel but you know she is alot better than I thought.

Angie - posted on 11/16/2011




I took that year to try to teach him and give him as much experience as he could possibly get before he was on the road by himself. We started with short trips and then got on the highway. After that he was my personal driver & drove, and although we had a couple close calls, that's how they have to learn. I remember finally feeling comfortable to make a phone call when he was driving. He also did driver's ed in school which by that time he had been driving everywhere we went for 6 months so the new students were scaring him to death. He's 20 now and an awesome defensive driver :)

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 11/14/2011





I have to say, first off, that I AM NOT teaching my kids to drive. Their dad is. I am a tense passenger, and they don't need me screaming at them from the passenger side of the vehicle. And, my oldest understands. The 2 times I've been in the vehicle with them, he's had to remind me one time "mom, DAD is teaching shut your mouth"...of course he was kidding about the shut your mouth part...but I did have to consciously shut up!

Depending on where you are (and if you're in the US) there are different requirements for teaching them. In Wyoming, for example, there are no set requirements that I'm aware of. (and I'd better be, since I live here). In Colorado, I believe that it has to be Driver's Ed instruction, or a commercial driving school. If you're in Colorado, PM me, and I'll give you the name of a REALLY good commercial driving school. I know the main instructor, and he's really a good teacher.

You'd have to check out the requirements in your area to make sure that you're complying with them. But, I would definitely recommend either a trusted family member, or a commercial school.

The main thing that you need to remember is that this is a skill that she'll need in life. Even if she lives in NYC, she'll need to know how to drive if there is an emergency. If you are uncomfortable teaching her, she'll be uncomfortable driving, so the best idea is to bring in someone who will be a comfortable, skilled instructor.

Tamara - posted on 11/13/2011




Some states still require that they be taught by a professional if its offered by the school or not. its best to check in to it before getting to far in to it.

The rule here is you don't get your licence until you can pay for half your insurance. So far jobs have been to pay for gas back and forth to work, (they give me 20 a pay day for gas) and for their wants one is tennis stuff and the other is for his extra art supplies. so I figure they are doing whats important to them at this point.

Denikka - posted on 11/13/2011




I would definitely recommend driving schools. It's too easy to be relaxed and teach your kids your own bad habits :P I would prefer someone who is supposed to be a professional and especially someone who is objective, to teach my kids how to drive.

Jurnee - posted on 11/13/2011




I also didnt like teaching my kids to drive. I had a family member do most of it. Some high schools still offer drivers ed. If not there are commercial driving schools, I have never used one, but I have friends who swear by them. Good luck!

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