How do you discipline a 15 year old boy who continues to buy and use tobacco?


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Kristin - posted on 06/22/2012




This is a tricky one, My 16 yr old recently started smoking as well so we discussed all the bad things smoking does and that if he chooses to smoke I will not buy them and he has to smoke outside. Unfortunately, he still continues to smoke however I have to pick my battles. He doesnt drink or do drugs, is an honor roll student,. So I think it is a teenage phase (I hope) but if all he does is smoke than I dont really say too much. Wheter we like it or not our kids are going to continuously do things we may or may not approve of and we just need to support and guide them and pick our battles. My son told me he thinks hes going to quit smoking anyways as he doesnt really like it. Sometimes no reaction to your rebellious teens are the best reactions of all.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/22/2012




If you're in the US, where it is illegal to purchase or sell tobacco if you're under the age of 18, you call the cops on the establishment that continues to sell to him.

And you start enforcing punishment at home, and sticking to it. The reason he's continuing is because he knows, deep down that you won't follow through on whatever you've told him so far.

So...Where is he getting money? Does he have a job? If not, why is he getting money? Do you make him work for it? Do you make him have a goal in mind of what he thinks he wants to spend it on? If you are just giving him money, you are enabling him to continue to do this. If you don't require a spending plan (my kids cannot just ask for money. They must have a specific purpose in mind. If they want pocket money to "just have", they can do extra chores for it)

How have you punished so far? Have you removed his phone, ride access, and permissions to do whatever he wants? Have you stuck to it?

My punishment (including making him smoke until he pukes, let him puke, and then make him smoke till he pukes again) would be 1 month restriction. NO phone. NO friends. NO computer. NO leaving the house without an adult present. ANY and all requests to do anything outside of a scholastic activity will be reviewed for the appropriateness of the request, and handled accordingly, most of the time the answer is NO. Any friends of his that are smoking also would be reported, both to their parents and to the law. If they can't handle it, tough, they don't need to hang out with my kid, nor do they need to disrespect my rules.

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