how do you get your 10 your old son to take a shower or wash every day without actually forcing him and scrubbing him yourself?


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Sandra - posted on 09/24/2012




I have 4 boys. Three of them went through this. I was shocked the first time. Then I found out it is so common it is more normal to have the stage than not.

Mine would go as far as to fake it. I can't do a smell test as the other poster suggested because I have no sense of smell.

Luckily as the other poster said it is gone as soon as a girl comes into the picture.

Rhonda - posted on 09/24/2012




I laughed when I read this because I remember the same frustration when my sons were that age. I made hygiene a requirement, meaning it was punishable by restriction. I would take away TV time. Also I wasn't taking smelly little boys anywhere with me, including school. I started making them bathe at night, understanding that that would be the only water they would get. (haha) If they smell offensive, it's time to bathe on the spot. My youngest has had to take two or three baths to smell better. (lol) It blows over in time. As soon as they start liking girls, everything will change.

You can try hygiene charts on: http://www.freeprintablebehaviorcharts.c...

Basically, set expectations for cleanliness and consequences when they are not met. If he goes a full week successfully bathing, give him a prize of some sort. The prize is not for bathing but for following through with your expectations.

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