how do you lose the weight after you have a baby?


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Rose - posted on 04/01/2017




with two kids, I was having the same issue. No gym, no workout. Still was looking some safe weight loss way to shed those pp pounds. mummy magic tea did help and now back to pre-baby weight after losing 35 lbs.

Theresa - posted on 01/18/2010




Watch what you eat, try to make sure you're not eating too much or too much of the bad stuff. You cna't cut out the bad stuff completely or you'll crave it even more and binge. Just be careful. Take the baby out for a walk everyday. It's amazing what a mile or two everyday can do for you. If you want to tone find a video that lets you exercise with baby. There are lots out there. I found one I liked. It gave me sometime to be with her bonding, but also doing something for myself too. Try to start one of those soon after the baby's born. A lot of them have you use the baby as a weight. It's easier if you start when they're tiny then when they're 6 omnths old.

Ginette - posted on 01/17/2010




Just simple exercise at home or you can go to a gym if you prefer but your body has just went through a traumatic event so it will take time to recover........while on the floor or bed you can lay on your back with your baby beside you knees bent lift your buttocks, hold a few seconds and go back down this willhelp with your tummy and buttocks muscles to recover and it['s not too can also do these raises with your baby as weight on your tummy(head by knees, her buttocks on your stomach/pubic area, her legs on your tummy) BUT MAKE SURE YOU HANG ON TO HER WHEN RISING.....hope this helps

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