How would you feel if Only you do EVERYTHING for your children and one of your chilldren,when asked in school says that they admire their Dad the most?


Rhonda - posted on 11/02/2012




Gratefulness is not a trait that children develop until last adolescence. Please don't take it personally. They see their basic needs being filled as a given expectation, so they only see the "extras" what people do for them when they are young. Over time, that will change and they will see your sacrifices more clearly. But even then you will not get the recognition that you think you deserve. The fact is, we are not mothers because we expect them to validate us. Their futures lives will be the reflection of the time, energy and wisdom we invested. For me, that's enough.


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Are your married to their Dad? If you are, although I understand your hurt and disappointment, I would be happy for your husband/partner. A lot of Dads don't get the acknowledgement they deserve from their kids, and you want your children to admire and respect their father. Even if you aren't with the Dad, try not to take it personally. Kids say/do whatever pops into their head. The teacher might even have given an example of why they would admire someone that immediately reminded them of Dad and not you. Your children will admire a lot of different people in life, but by the time they are grown they should realize better all that you do for them.

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