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Husband saying it's him or our son

Debbie - posted on 03/08/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello, i have an
Recently turned 18 year old son, who is still in high school. He has a part time job and is a good kid . Doesn't smoke , drink , get into fights etc... He does however get sloppy at times and get into arguments with younger 13 yr old brother.
Dad doesn't like being disrespected and feeling taken advantage of . The fight starts off with him not keeping room clean and it escalates ( dad is a yeller , get in your face) My son leaves and stays with a friend for a month or two . Dad has attitude that he is back , but my son agrees to keep his stuff cleaned up , doing his own laundry etc.. My husband and I got into argument cause he wanted my son to pay $50 a week rent! I said maybe after he graduates , gets a full time job , I can see that, but no.. Well then my husband says ok well make him give you $20 a week to help pay bills.. I said ok but I had no intentions of doing that cause I didn't agree and I didn't want to fight. Well during a recent fight ( my son not respecting some rules) my husband again get in face told him to leave.. I do t agree with it at all and he ended up asking about the $20 a week . I told him no ," he hasn't been paying "and I explained why. My son has nowhere to go , and my husband is hurt by my deceiving him . But there is never any compromise and I am tired of it! He is always right and his ways are always the best. He says if our son comes back , he is leaving . We have 5 children oldest 18 , youngest 6. Sorry so long but wanted to kindof set the picture of how it went down


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Devon - posted on 03/10/2014




its good that your son is in school and has a job and doesn't get into trouble. your husband sounds like he wants to be in control and that's it. I agree with you on not having your son pay until he is out of school and it sounds like your son gets really stressed and heart broken when his dad yells at him about stupid stuff. what teenager wants to clean there room! if its not completely shining and he at least keeps it picked up there should be no battle. if your husband wants to leave, let him. maybe then will he see how much he misses you guys when he is alone without you and your kids. you guys also need to work together and come to a compromise on certain things with all the kids. your husband should just be happy that his son is a good kid and isn't getting into trouble. good luck

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