I am a sole parent to 3 daughters 16,14 and nearlly 13. I cant cope

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My 12 yr old and 16 yr old are so rude to me and everything i do is wrong, i feel so put down by them everyday. I suffer with depression and hv been on anti ds for 20yrs. I am 47. I want to run away so they can see how much i do for them constantly, i am angry and uptight and sad. I wish thier dad could have all 3 for the holidays but his wife wont have them all at once. I never get a break and i dont hv any support where i live, no one seems to care about me, noone invites me anywhere, i feel like everybody just hates me


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Therese - posted on 03/21/2017




I can imagine how you're feeling. It is very challenging dealing with teens and pre-teens, moreso as a single parent.

You must look after yourself though. Your children are old enough to be relatively self-sufficient. Find time to do things and have small getaways.
Have you spoken to their teachers or counsellors to get a feel for their behaviour at school? I encourage you to find someone, a Pastor, a counselor whom you can speak to freely and who can help you navigate this period and put things in perspective.

Definitely, drop them at their father's home!! He and his wife can resolve whatever issues they have between themselves. God Bless

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Don't give the wife any other option but to take all 3 kids at once! Drop all three kids off at her house and tell her to suck it up and deal with it. Make her realize that she married into the family and she has to accept having all three kids at once and if she won't accept it then she needs to leave. Yes I'd recommend counseling for you too.

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