I am the divorced dad of two sons who wont return my text or phone calls.

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When I discussed with my ex, so states that boys dont talk to their dads until they are in their twenties which I dont believe. I am very hurt and have tried numerous times expressing my pain and requests to my kids (13 and 15 years old). when they are with me it is text and phone calls all day long (easily 5-8 a day) with mom. Any suggestions from a mom's view point.


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I know this is very difficult for you. I'm sorry, I would be devastated. Unfortunately, if the boys don't want to talk to you there's nothing you can do about it.
All I can say is that you should never give up. Call them and text them every day. Whether they respond or not, they will know that you are thinking about them. Eventually they will talk to you. If their mom is causing the problem, well eventually they'll get into a fight with her, then they might talk to you.
Just never give up, you will get through to them.

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Once your kids reach the age where the judicial system allows them to choose their living arrangements, you can do nothing but accept their choices.

If they want to contact you when they are older, they will. If they choose not to return your calls or texts, what are you going to do, force them?

Not knowing the conditions surrounding the break up of your relationship with your ex (and not really wanting to), all I can say is that divorces have devastating consequences for all involved. For my dad it was no relationship with his kids until they reached their age of majority, and both he and my mother owned up to the mistakes they both made and quit pointing fingers at the other.

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Divorced parents should never make their kids choose sides. They should be encouraging them to love the other parent equally. Problems between parents should leak their way into kids relationships. Honestly it's just lacking in class for her to encourage it. Do you guys have a custody agreement? You should get one. You have the right to be with your kids, and they have the right to be with you rather or not they don't realize they need it.

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