I am worried about my 14 year old son socially.

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He is a bright, Athletic, average teen. He is involved in Baseball, Hockey and Golf. He is a really good kid. We have not had behavior issues at all. He does have ADD, for which he takes medicine. The problem I see happening is this...We moved to a new school when he was in 3rd Grade. He was is a circle of friends that overtime have seemed to exclude him. He was picked on by one boy inparticular, (things like you suck,I don't want you on my team, when he would walk up to the group the boy would say lets go over here) When this was happening the other kids would just stand by. This overtime has really brought down his confindence. He now tends to talk alot to try and fit in. He tends to embellish stories to impress people. We have talked to him about this and he is working on it. But the latest thing he has told us is that kids turn their back on him and say he is annoying. How do I help him? I see him wanting to be invited to parties and be a part of groups, but he always seems to be on the outside looking in. Help!!!!


Alisha - posted on 06/16/2013




There isn't much you can do kids are real mean these days. Have you tried social activities outside of school? I have heard that karate and other classes like that can help with confidence and can help him more with focusing the extra energy he has from his ADD. He could even make more or new friends in those classes. I have social anxiety disorder which I do worry about passing on to my daughters so I am hoping when I start working after graduation I can get my girls into over time. But see if he has developed a social anxiety disorder from the bulling he seems be subjected to.

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