I feel like my 15yr old doesn't love me nor respect me. help!

Kiara - posted on 05/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




She always talks about going to sleep away college and never coming back just so she doesn't have to see me anymore. She constantly talks bad about me to her friends, and she never cares for my opinions. And it's driving me CRAZY!

I feel like I haven't done enough as a mother to be having her talk about me in that way.

Since I'm a single mom I go out on dates sometimes, but she always drives them away by getting the message inside their head that I'm a horrible person. And I can't take it anymore!

I've tried everything with her!I've tried talking things out, but she refuses all the time. I've tried grounding her for her rudeness! But it doesn't do anything! I've tried everything!!

How do I cope with this girl


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/03/2013




Have you tried talking with her? Finding out whats going on with her?

She's a hormonal train wreck, probably. And the other kids bad mouth their parents, so she does too. Not an excuse, but its what happens.

I'd recommend that the two of you do a girls day...mani/pedis, hair cut, lunch, something that's you and her, no boyfriends for either of you, a neutral setting. TALK!

Alternatively, every time she says something that you don't like, lay out the "real life" talk for her. Let her know that she can leave, as long as she supports herself, etc. But, don't do it in the heat of hte moment, or she'll be out the door, and you'll both regret it.

If the girls day doesn't start to get things moving forward, I suggest the two of you get into some family counseling.

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