I have a 14 yr daughter who only thinks a write about boys and how she wants one she dont think about her future only boys


Vicki - posted on 08/29/2012




Hi Sara

I understand where your coming from but she is only 14. And I think this is the fun part of being a 14 yr old girl! In some ways she is thinking about her future by thinking about boys. I think this is our birthright to think and daydream what our future husband will look like what he will do for a living what our kids will look like and how many where we will live and get married etc etc... I dont think this means that she will not think about the other responsibilities she has such as school empoyment what her goals are etc etc....Maybe you can sit down with her and talk about boys and the future and find out what shes thinking brainstorm with her.

Its nice to have our kids thinking about the future but we do have to remember that they are only kids and we shouldnt rush them I find kids these days are having to think about things so early that certain milestones get missed along the way

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