I just found two pipes, something that looks like pot and some white pills in my 15-year-old daughter's room.


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Enna - posted on 06/17/2013




Take it away. Ask her about it. Try to find out where she got it. Ask what the white pills are. Get as much information as you can.
Talk to her about what can happen if she gets caught with that stuff (legal ramifications). Also read through her school handbook and see what it says about drug use. Talk to her about addictions, and if you can give her an example of someone who has an addiction problem and what their life is like.
Keep her away from the people who gave/sold her the drugs. I would make sure to punish her in whatever way bugs her the most.
I would consider drug testing her from time to time.
She is probably just experimenting.

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My suggestion is to search all of her stuff, take everything you find and put it on the kitchen table or somewhere everyone goes for her to walk in and see. Ask her to explain and then ground her for a month and drug test her every single month (and occasional random ones) until she turns 18. By grounding, she should only be allowed to come out of her room to use the bathroom, eat and go to school. Whether or not she behaves good. Marijuana is similar to the smell of skunk. So if it smells like that with a kind of burned smell, it's probably pot. But obviously it's you're decision on what to do. I'd be harsh and not let up. Someone I know has a son who got caught multiple times, it wasn't until she started drug testing and not backing down on consequences even if he seemed sincerely apologetic that he quit.

Lili - posted on 06/16/2013




I should note that my daughter is a 15-year-old rising junior who is doing well in school and is generally pleasant to live with. Unfortunately, my husband chose to tell her that he smoked pot until he was 40 and I asked him to stop. She has argued in the past that pot is not as bad as alcohol and has gotten mildly angry when I have said that it is off limits.

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