I kicked my 20 year old out

Arleen - posted on 02/22/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm having a hard time with my decision. My son thinks he's the man of the house. I've been remarried for 14 years. My husband and son had always had their ups and downs. Recently my son attacked my husband. My husband had great restraint and did not fight back. Ended up with a busted lip. My youngest is seen all this anger. I believe my son is angry at the bad decisions he made in life, even with the great advice he gets from my husband. My husband has no kids of his own. To my kids are his kids and he has always taken the role of their and treated just like a great dad would. Long story short my son is not doing any to make a future and thinks he can tell us what to do in our own home. He is rubbing of on his younger brother. He tried to attack my husband again because my husband was trying to reprimand my young and take his driving privileges. My youngest through things in face because we had a disagreement. I can't have one kid thinking it's okay to run over your parents and the being violent and disrespectful. I feel horrible.


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Raye - posted on 02/23/2016




You have to enforce consequences for the bad behavior. Your 20 year old is legally an adult, and he can start to make his own way in the world. You need to concentrate on the younger son who may have learned to think that it's okay to treat his parents with disrespect. STOP IT NOW. Rules and consequences.

FYI, and time an adult child is still living at home, there needs to be an agreement of the terms to keep living there. If they don't follow the rules, that is their choice, and that choice would have consequences of them having to find a new place to live.

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