I miss my soldier son

Elizabeth - posted on 07/11/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son graduated this past June and went to basic training ten days later. I miss him so much. I am so incredibly proud of his choices....he will be training to be a medic, which just suits him in every way...he is so compassionate toward others...but mama here is missing the little things...him telling me about his day, his quirky smile, his gentleness and caring for his siblings as well as for me. He really had never been away from home except for camp each year, and now that he has been gone so long I find myself so very lonely just to hear his voice or spend a little time with him. He graduates in August, and we will see him then but then it is off to technical school and then college at Texas Tech...I know as his mom, my job is to give him roots to grow and wings to fly...but I thought I was more ready for him to go than I was. I just hope I gave him everything he needed before he went, did I teach him well enough for him to get along in the world...all that sort of thing. Any other moms out there with sons or daughters who have recently joined the military? My son and I write a great deal but how are you coping with being away from your kiddo? Mine is only 18 and when I see him, he will no longer be a boy but a man. WOW, where does the time go?


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Kathy - posted on 01/28/2014




My son entered basic training at Ft Jackson SC and it was a bad time when he left he lost 2 grandparents in 6 weeks the day of his grandmothers funeral the recruiter came to the funeral home to get him my son was ok for about 2 weeks at BCT then he spoke to the Chaplin and explained how he was feeling and ask to leave the Army my son explained that he did not want to be there anymore the Chaplin explained that things would get better in time but for my son things got worse over the holiday break My son explained that he did not want to return but he did reluctently the next day after he returned He wrote a letter begging us for help that he was very depressed and was going to hurt himself and NO ONE BELIEVED HIM NOT THE DRILL SGT'S OR SOCIAL WORKER My son has reached out to the Chaplin Social Worker Mental health Dr Even the Islamic Service center and NO ONE CARES ABOUT HIS MENTAL HEALTH MY SON IS NOW HURTING HIMSELF I HAVE CALLED THE RED CROSS TWICE WITHIN THE LAST 4 DAYS THEY ARE TRYING THEIR BEST TO HELP BUT THE COMMAND THERE IS PUTTING MY SON FURTHER INTO DEPRESSION AND HE SAID IF HE STAYS THERE ANY LONGER HE WILL KEEP HURTING HIMSELF UNTIL HE DIES I DO NOT WANT THIS FOR MY SON THIS SHOULD NOT BE LIKE THIS HE IS DOING EVERYTHING THERE IS TO GET HELP BUT TO NO AVAIL THE ARMY KEEPS TELLING HIM HAS TO STAY BUT ON JAN 22 2014 THEY WERE SUPPPOSE TO START HIS ENTRY LEVEL SEPERATION DISCHARGE BUT AS OF 1/26/2014 THEY DID NOT MY SON IS BEING ABUSED VERBALLY FOR WANTING OUT DEMEANED INFRONT OF HIS PLATOON BY THE COMMAND THESE NEGATIVE REPERCUSSIONS TOWARD MY SON FOR HIM BEING HONEST ABOUT HIS MENTAL STATE ARE TOTALLY UN CALLED FOR IF MY SON CONTINUES TO STAY THERE MY FEAR IS HE WILL HURT HIMSELF FURTHER OR HE WILL DIE!!! WHAT IS A MOM TO DO SOMEONE HELPPPP MEEE PLEASE!!

Katrina - posted on 07/19/2012




it flies by so quickly.. one min you are holding that precious baby in your arms.. the next you are watching him graduate.. i had the same issue.. all i can say.. is my son is a strong independent man... and a kind hearted and good one.. i wish he would call home more often.. but he is making his own way.. as i taught him to do.. from the bottom of my heart.. from one mom to another.. i want to say thank you! It's boys like yours that keep all our families safe and lets us moms raise our children without fear! Thank you for his service.. as well as yours.. its not easy to be a soldiers family.. Hardest piece of advice i was ever given.. as a mom.. its our job to work ourselves out of a job.. hugs and love to you.. in time.. this will be the new normal! I promise.. it does get a little easier!

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