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Denikka - posted on 04/27/2013




If she's 20 years old and especially if you are not her parental figure, there's not much you can do.
If you have concerns about her well being or the well being of the dogs (dirty living conditions, dogs are sick or malnourished, etc) then you can call the SPCA (or equivalent) to look into the condition of the dogs, and you can also call the city to check on the condition of the house. There are certain regulations, like having a clear escape in case of fire, that must be followed even by home owners.
Other than that, unless a person or animal is actually in danger, you really can't dictate how she lives her life. You have to make your own choices on how involved to be. If you cannot abide by what she's doing, then you need to distance yourself. You can talk to her, offer advice, but she has to be willing to take that advice and change her ways. You cannot help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

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