I really need some advice, my 15 year old son has lived with his dad since he was 4,i have seen him regularly and also connect with him by skype and facebook , it was a very hard decision letting him go to live with his dad and broke my heart but he was out of control , i already had 3 children when i met his father and to be honest did not want another baby but he pressured me as he had no children and i started to feel guilty as he had taken on my 3 children , but as soon as i became pregnant he changed and became really nasty towards me and my children .. when i gave birth i could not have loved ben anymore , but the relationship with his father was awful and when i found out he was having an affair i threw him out , everything was fine except that his dad would come and threaten me that if i did not give him his son to live with him he would push me through a plate glass window , he pushed me in front of my 4 children and hit me once , my oldest son who is now 25 was really bullying his younger brother Glen who was then really bullying Ben , Ben became out of control at school and the teachers could not control him he was suspended constantly at 4 years old , his father had now got engaged to another woman and in the end i felt perhaps ben would be better with a one to one relationship so let him live with his dad , i have seen him regularly but recently moved to Portugal and he was meant to come and live here with me but changed his mind which hurt but he has been here and was due to come in 4 weeks but he sent me a facebook 2 nights ago telling me that he has never viewed me as his mum and now wont talk to me at all , i am devestated and also worried about him ... i really dont know how to handle this


Karina - posted on 07/05/2013




Also the next evening my daughter spoke to him to find out what was going on , she is very close to him , and he told her you are more like a family friend than family my family is my dad and my little brother ( his dad had another baby) he now wont reply to her messages and she is so upset ...

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