I teach at my daughter's high school and I'm not sure it is working....

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My daughter attends a very small private high school in it's first year open. I offered to come in to teach math because they needed a new teacher and I am certified. But the problem is there is very little discipline at this school and I have had to discipline this one girl in particular several times. She is giving my daughter a hard time because she says I am singling her out. This girl singles herself out by her misbehavior and I am not sure why this girl is still at our school... She is disrespectful, destructive, explosive and disruptive in class.

Anyway, the school wants me to continue to teach next year because I am an excellent fit for this particular school. The problem is that this girl gives my daughter a hard time because I am her Mom. My daughter is strong and says she doesn't mind but I am starting to see behavior in my daughter that mirrors this girl's behavior. This girl has a negative influence on the girls in the school and I thought today, maybe I should not take the position for next year. I would be letting the school down if I didn't.

Really, the solution is to have this girl not return but she is a full tuition paying student and this is the first year the school is open and money is tight. In fact, I volunteer teach. A lot of the professors donate their time because they believe so wholeheartedly in this school.

I don't know if this is the right forum but I found you, perhaps there is someone who could give me advise. Thank you....


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Hello everyone im new here but i have a problem my daughter had a disagreement with the assistant principal at a foosball game.now she got a spot on the cheerleading squad. And the principal tell her she going to go to the coach and tell her she can't go to after school activities. Even though she did not get in trouble at the game and didn't get in trouble at school the next day.she sent a letter home telling me my daughter got rude with her.dont know what to do

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I would recommend, if you have not already, to escalate the situation to your supervisors. The next time the young lady acts up in your class, tell her that, rather than speaking with you about her actions and behaviour, you'd like to have her speak to the assistant principal (or your immediate supervisor). Explain to your supervisor that she feels "picked on", so you'd like to take yourself out of the picture. Perhaps having a school official other than yourself comment on her disruptive behaviour will be better.

Ultimately, a conference with yourself, the child, her parents, and school administration to get a plan in place for her behaviour. The fact that it is a "young" school in terms of how long operating, if you don't set the scene for behaviour expectations now, it will never happen. Better to nip it in the bud now, and have a well spoken of institution later.

And, make sure you are NOT unconsciously singling her out. I know, I watch for poor behaviour with my kids, and I tend to nitpick them if they don't straighten up...until it does become a situation where I'm waiting for the behaviour to happen so that I can point it out. Make sure you're not doing that. ( doubt you are, btw, but had to throw that in just in case)

Good luck. Being the teacher at teh same school your kids attend is tough

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There will always be someone who gives her a hard time.. kids are just ignorant and disrespectful nowadays. All I would say is speak with the principal or the girls parents and let them know that the girl is giving your daughter a hard time and that she needs to be dealt with. Just bcuz she pays doesn't make her special.. she gets the same discipline as everyone else. If she doesn't like it, she can simply find another school. If you like it there and you are helping the school, then one little girl shouldn't stop you.

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