If my 16 yr old son starts driving and has an 8 hr per week job, what should his expenses be (ie: gas, lunch $, dinner $, taking his girlfriend $, etc)? Please advise as my husband and I have 2 different opinions. Thanks!


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Um...wouldn't that be a question to discuss with him?

Or are you asking what should you CONTRIBUTE to his expenses?

Because, if that's the question...LOL...here's how we did it:

If it is an expense that he incurred on his own (lunch/dinner/girlfriend) he pays for it. **Obviously if it is school lunch, I pay**
If it is an expense that is incurred on behalf of the family (gas spent running a sibling around, or running errands for mom/dad) we pay for that. **Unless he voluntarily takes his brother somewhere, that is**
Hubby and I pay insurance. With the condition that if anything is done that will increase the insurance, son will begin to pay for his portion of the cost.
Hubby and I pay auto licensing, at least until the car is in his name.

Now, if he and his brother are out running about, I generally kick some cash their way to get themselves lunch or whatever, but that's because I really enjoy seeing them voluntarily spend time together.

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