Is it normal for a 12 year old to have an ATTITUDE???


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User - posted on 05/14/2012




My almost 10 year old has an attitude thats out of this world. Her friends are the same way. The only thing I can say is that my daughter's attitude is always directed at me and her dad, she knows to be respectful to others. All her friends have always been respectful to me but their moms say they have outrageous attitudes. They all think they are just awesome no matter how old they are and they will follow the pack!

Funny example, the other day a couple of my daughters other 10 year old friends came over to play. I was talking to them about boys in their class (and secret laughing about their attitudes!)and my 3 year old popped in with I have a boyfriend named Jake. My 10 year old explained he is the 18 year old neighbor boy. My 3 yr old said Yea I know he is my boyfriend and I beat him up last night. When the big girls left I asked her if Jake was really her boyfriend. She said nope. I said were you just trying to look cool for the big girls. She replied with Yup!

Shawn - posted on 07/04/2009




Preteens yes... the attitude gets worst as they get older. It will get under control soon. You just need to stand your grown and not allow the attitude to get worst. Stop it in their tracks.

Donna - posted on 07/02/2009




Attitude oh my I have an 18 and a almost 17 year old and I think there first name is attitude. All I can really tell you is patients is best I started doing outtings with each one alone and it seemed to help we were able to talk things out a little and no one else needed to now. It just takes time my prayers are with you because it is hard. Good Luck

Shelly - posted on 07/02/2009





Oh Sweety this is way so's like the homones kick in and ingage an attitude that can get petty ugly!!! The trick is to nip it in the bud now let your child now that it's not exceptable in your home and that there is punishment to go along with the attitude!!! When we started taking things away like the computer, friend time, cell phone,'s amazing how loving they become....We still have some attitude but nothing like nit was!!!

Bonnie - posted on 07/02/2009




I have to agree with both replies. My youngest (11) has had an attitude since she turned 8 but I believe that was because of her older sisters and wanting to be like them. Kids mimic what they see from their friends and siblings I am not sure there is much we can do about it. it is their form of self expression.

Sondra - posted on 05/26/2009




Is it normal? If they don't have an attitude, then they may need to see the doctor. LOL j/k

Yes, that is about the age the attitude rudely shows it's nasty face. Unfortunately those rageing hormones give off a nasty attitude. Best advice I can give to you is when you are confronting your teenager and want to throw your hands up and give up, ask yourself..."Am I doing this for the best of my child?" If the answer is "Yes" Then perservere, don't give up and don't back down. They will respect you more in the end for not giving up on them. Children want their parents to set limits for them. Yea, so they can push their limits. We all know how that goes. Think about it like this. When you are having to work through their attitudes you are helping them learn how to communicate and negotiate with others. Teach them the correct skills of how to communicate and negotiate productively and respectively. This will help them in other relationships and in their careers down the road.

Around age 16 they start getting a little better. See at this age they know that if they don't change the attitude then they don't get the car and they don't get to leave the house, etc. It's just the same as when they were younger. If they disobey or disrespect with attitude then they have to suffer the consequences. You have to continue partenting them through all these tough years. You just have to step it up a notch or THREE...Then at age start seeing them transform into this wonderful take a deep breath and a sigh of relief that you have made it through those years. It is actually very heart warming when you see your children get to this moment.

Often I have to remind myself of this moment, for I have one more child to get to that point in life. She is 15 almost 16 and yes she has got that attitude...rolling the eyes, I don't know anything, you don't understand, just forget it....yea I have heard them all. lol

When I get frustrated with my youngest (15yrs.), I ask my oldest (19yrs.) her thoughts on her attitude. She reassures me that it is the attitude and she is trying to get her way about things. She tells me not to worry about it and she will get over it very soon.

So when it gets tough take a deep breath and think about what you should do for the best of your child :) Good luck to you!

Wendy - posted on 05/24/2009




Hi LaTasha i have a 14 yr old daughter and by the time she was 10 she had an attitude like you would not belive.

I can only tell you to hang in there cause the attitude gets worse before it gets better i am still putting up with it. My daughter is getting better but it has taken a long time for her to get her act together and to drop the attitude.

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