is it ok to not like you teen son if he swears and puts you down.

Camvalerie2 - posted on 08/05/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




i can't take it anymore the constant swearing and put downs. i suffer from depression and it makes me feel worse. i took away his things because he wasn't coming in on time and his swearing. and he called me a fb again. i stay in my room. i did everything for him and we were so close its like a death when the person you use to know is not there anymore. I don't like him and its a relief when he is not at home. the worse part about it after he calls me a name or wrecks up the house when he is mad he apologizes so i can take him somewhere and when i say no the name calling and put downs start again. this is more than normal teen problem he has adhd and odd we have been to many counselors but he is unwilling to open up or lies to them.he said if i dont give him back his stuff he will come home when he wants.
i was told by one person he has to fall before he understands because he will by 17 soon so i might have to take a step back.
ts hard because i want to get him on the right path despite how i feel about his behavior too me. but the only thing that has worked is that i won't engage him in an argument i just walk away sometimes he tries to follow me to start sothing but i lock my door and turn up the music so i dont hear him calling me names.


Susan - posted on 08/09/2015




I wish I had a quick fix for you, I am in the same type of situation. I have enrolled my son in counseling, which sometimes seems like it's helping and other especially when he has to actually do something does not. Now, I'm in the process for arranging for family therapy. Just know that you are not alone.

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