Is my 14 years old daughter anti social?

Michaela - posted on 05/19/2017 ( 4 moms have responded )




She has liked to abuse animals since she was little. She even killed her two hamsters, hits and makes fun of little kids and her classmates. When she hurts an animal, she likes the fear in its eyes, the pain.
She has two personalities, the first one is wise and respectful, and the second one is bad and cruel. I'm afraid that her real personality is the second one. She is a very good liar, she loves to lie. If she wants to create a scenario about anything she wants, she would do it and everyone would believe her. She's very manipulative. She stole toys when she was at the kindergarten and when she was nine or ten years old she stole a secret code from a plush toy which cost very much. She stole it when the seller was busy, but in that shop there were cameras. She sat in the dead corner of the camera and stole it! She planned all these things from home, and as I said, she was only nine or ten!! She told me about this when she was thirteen. I was shocked! She's very very intelligent! How could a child plan these things with so much attention without missing anything?!
When she does something wrong, I tell her about it and she doesn't seem to feel sorry.
She often watches people abusing animals and other people on the internet and likes it. She seems a bad person.
We are a good family, nobody hurts her or somethig, what can I do? She scares me!


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Amber - posted on 09/01/2017




TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL NOW! SHE LITTERALLY HAS A SERIOUS MENTAL DISORDER, my oldest was like this. She is seriously mentally ill. It hurt, but youve got to be brave. Dont look back she needs help ASAP, this WILL be scarey for you but you need to man up. DRAG HER TOO MENTALL HOSPITAL! SHE WILL ONLY GET WORSE! Take her to the nearest mentall hospital and demand a meeting NOW! I did this and now my daughter is not only happy but she is no longer abusing animals. YOU NEED TO TAKE HER NOW!!!

Sarah - posted on 05/24/2017




She has the hallmarks of a sociopath (if this is actually true) the triad is lack of empathy or fire-setting, cruelty to animals and bed-wetting. The fact that she could kill an animal and get joy from the result is beyond scary. Get this child to a good psychiatrist pronto.

Ev - posted on 05/21/2017




I agree with Dove. One other thing, you did not have to let her have access to the internet to watch those videos on youtube and other sources. That is a privilege. Did you even give her consequences for her actions for stealing and lying.

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