Lack of respect?

Cassi - posted on 11/29/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was going to put the subject being my 14 year old son but there are several of these already here.

Looking for other disciplinary ideas when taking electronics away doesn't work (he sneaks his tablet from his dad's house and brings it to ours).

He's had issues that over the years but instead of talking about it he shuts down and refuses to communicate when he gets into trouble. So nobody knows what is going on in his head. We have no clue what to do anymore...


Raye - posted on 12/03/2015




When you find him with the tablet, what do you do? You have to keep tabs on him and know what he's doing. Change the password to the wifi so he can't get access to internet, put tablets and computers on parental controls so he needs a parent to enter the password. Be involved in his life and don't let him shut you out. There are many other possessions and privileges that can be taken away... all the kid is required by law to have is a roof overhead, clothes, food, and education. All else are things he should earn. Make him do chores. Make him clean the bathroom with a toothbrush. If he refuses, he gets no TV, no phone, no tablet, no games, no friends, nothing but sitting in his room. Take the bedroom door off the hinges so he can't do things he's not supposed to in there or keep you out. It's your house. It's your rules. And he's your kid. Teach him how to act properly.

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