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Nelly - posted on 11/03/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 14 year old daughter hasn't started puberty yet, how can I make her feel like a "woman" instead of a kid. She has no pubic hair yet and she's very flat-chested no periods either. She has low self-esteem because of this


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Susan - posted on 11/09/2010




My youngest daughter and I were both late bloomers. We both started puberty at 14. It does feel uncomfortable when people talk about you, but those people are usually the ones who end up jealous of you. Tell your daughter not to worry. Most girls that are late bloomers usually hit puberty before they turn 15, and then they seem to sprout all at once. She will go to bed flat one night, and wake up almost full grown the next morning. It will happen, some of us just need more nurturing to make it happen.

SHAMILLAH - posted on 11/07/2010




plz let your daughter now that she shouldnt have low self esteem behind this cuz i have a 12yr old daughter who is n a 42dd and she hate it cuz all the kids at her school say to her dang u got some big boobs and she is taller than half her classmate so let her now while ur thinking u got it bad it someone out there that got it worst .but wat i told my child is tha girls that talking bout u wish they could b u and after i told her that she kinda let up and dnt stress on it as much....

Louise - posted on 11/04/2010




If you daughter is feeling left out then treat her to some grown up underwear designed for flat chested women. There are some really inexpensive pretty sets in the high street. This will help her feel more womanly and boost her confidence.

Leisha - posted on 11/03/2010




My daughter has always been the smalles of her peers. She was self conscious about it, until one day our pediatrician explained that since she started late she'll grow longer than her peers will. Also, she used her size to her advantage and got really involved in sporting activities that would have been hindered by big boobs and everything else that her friends have.

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