lazy 19 year old step son don't do anything

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hello i am not a mom but a concerned step parent ,my stepson just graduated high school and has never worked .His mom {my wife} and his dad have been paying for everything he was supposed to start a trade school but he says hes not ready to go..he sits in his recliner and plays x box 21 for him to go hours a chroes no side work no nothing LAZY is he .I have found him jobs to put apps at and he does if its along the way to "gamestop" or dont even bother going. I have brought this up to my wife and all we do is argue about it and nothing happens ...the stress is gonna get the best of me ..I have said we need to see someone and see what and how to come to some agreement.My wife tels him to go look for work ...but I beleve its time to start the tough love and have my stepson pay rent and feel what the real word is about ....any one have the same issue?? please reply before I loose my mind ............


Wendy - posted on 08/08/2011




going based on your post you are correct in your thinking he should be working even part time. nothing good can become from a 19 year old (Man) that is what he is now.sitting around playing xbox......unfortunatly its not your call his parents should set down the rules and follow thru with them.....i see alot of parents babying there boys whats up with that ppl...correct me if im wrong...i have 2 daughters one 21 and since before she finished highschool i warned her no sitting around work or school if further scooling then working part time...she has worked since paid her own way phone bill, clothes, bus fare , the younger one knows this rule and expects it free rides everybody has to be a contributing member of the family when they are adults.......this probibly does not help you but your not nuts in your and dad need to step up and expect him to

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